PUBG Optimization Incoming!

Tue 29th May 2018 - 6:53pm General Gaming

After admitting that PUBG has "fallen short" in regards to performance and optimization of the game, the company developers have outlined a "roadmap" for how they plan to improve PUBG in the future.

In the roadmap, three things have been listed with various sub sections. The three main points however are "performance, server-side optimization, and cheating"

PUBG Road Map


Improvements to performance include, lighting bugs and effects which can cause issues both in frame and rendering issues but also plyability issues for the player.

Vehicle movement across different terrain and elevations which caused players GPU's to overload

Player models, movement and animations will also be alted to help improve user frameratesand also rendering of parked and distant vehicles.

Server Side Optimization

Network Latency is planned to be reduced as much as possible to reduce the amount of server lag aswell as random disconnects

Inefficent network code will be removed and should ensure alow latency.

Drop rates for loot will be tweaked also to ensure a lower data transferal also providing lower latency


Proudly boasting this to be the area with the "most progress in recent months" PUBG Corp has implemented numerous encryption based soloutions to make it more difficult for hackers to bypass and exploit any vulnerabilities which may be present.

With "hundreds of thousands of cheaters" already banned the team has really cracked down and has also "begun taking serious legal action against the people responsible for creating hacks and cheats"


We here at Stigma truly hope this sudden drive from PUBG Corp will revitalise the community and bring back the strng player base it once had before these issues. But only time will tell so we will all just have to wait and see.






- Rhys [Owner of Stigma eSports]




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