Content Creators Wanted!

Sat 8th Sep 2018 - 11:22am Social General Gaming

Hey there!


Here at Stigma, we strive to get our content out to as many people as possible. And we can't do that without content creators like yourself!

If you think you have what it takes to join us and take your career to new heights, follow these steps:


1 - Add me on discord via RandaX#8660 or contact me through

2 - Tell me about yourself. (What platform do you publish content on? What's your current following? How long have you been doing this? What qualities do you think you can bring to  the Stigma team?)

3 - Provide me with links to your channel(s) and social media profiles

4 - Wait for a reply from me. I probably won't take all that long so don't feel you'll be waiting forever!


Thank you for your interest in joining Stigma as a content creator!


Rock on,

Kieran (RandaX)

Lead Social Manager




Kieran Studholme

Your Comments

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